Secret Kamasutra book


Kamasutra! The name says it all. It hardly matters which part of the world you belong to, you must have come across the name at some point surely. One need not be a bookworm to feel that very strong urge coming from inside, to lay his hands on the book (pun intended all over)! And why not, how often do you find a book that caters almost exclusively to all your secret fantasies!

We all know the book for it’s most popular section- the ancient Indian art of love-making. It details all kinds of positions you cannot imagine even in your wildest fantasies! Gone are the days of the boring missionary. When you have Kamasutra, your partner will keep you longer in bed.

But what if you are sighing in the pangs of oh-so-single living! Worry not, Kamasutra comes to the rescue again. While exotic love-making is its foray, it will also give you the most outstanding ideas for flirting. You can very well dump your old pick up lines and go the Kamasutra way, to win over that hottie you had been scouting since long. Once you have your love in your arms, put all your Kamasutra lessons into play to enjoy your sexual life to the fullest. Courting could not get any easier!

The ancient manual does not shy away from taking a bold stand, for it considers sexual wellbeing pivotal to an emotionally fulfilling life. Its erotic subject finds readership in all ages. No wonder it became one of the most pirated books in the English language soon after it’s first translation. For, who is not interested in a subject like sex!


When it comes to foreplay,

most women would agree they want it to last longer. (PS: Women love everything longer!) To spice it all up (pun again), Kamasutra speaks of many techniques. The ancients probably believed in better satiation and fondling before delving deeper into her. This mandatory part opens up new windows and raises up the temperature. FYI, the book describes 8 different type of embraces and 26 types of kisses. How many did you know? If you think you know only a couple or so, browse through the book to get a quirky insight on how to stimulate your woman into a quick orgasm or make your man read the same. It is also a wonderful manual on where to bite, touch, press, slap, and do anything and everything, just to raise your experience to the next level. Even if both of you are fully satisfied, it will leave you craving for more.

Did I say both? Oh, pardon, Kamasutra gets wilder here. It speaks of group sex and same sex relationships as well. It gives graphic (literally) details of the different positions and advices the readers to decide what suits them the best. Here you learn not only about the different positions by a mere description, the book also lists out the perks of every single one. So next time in your personal act of indulgence, you do not have to shoot the arrows in the dark (ahem). You can fully depend on the worthy knowledge of the treatise to achieve whatever your objective is.

PS: Move about in your newest positions with some ease. Don’t get hyper excited and ruin the fun. Let your partner(s) also enjoy the game. What is sex sans the pleasure of all!

If it’s your first time, the book shall be your guide, and if it’s your millionth time, you will still find many new things to draw your partner(s) closer than ever before. It hardly matters how many partners you choose to go with, whether of the same or of the opposite sex, this ancient treasure house of eroticism and sexuality is a handy guide for the unversed and the well-versed in equal measures. The book is full of worthy advices on the sexual desires and behaviors of all the genders. As such, it directs the man to help his woman reach her climax first and not think about his own pleasure, for it is natural that women take far greater delights in sexual acts than any man ever can. Men, take note; women, rejoice, for someone got your back!

If, in the worst case scenario, the lessons of Kamasutra fail to spice up your sex life, and you are stuck in a not so exciting relationship, the book speaks affairs going outside the relationships and details the situations where you should indulge in one. While the author maintains that adultery is not very advisable, he does not shy away from asserting it’s need. He goes on to say that if your partner fails to please you on bed, you might indulge in the same outside your relationship. Ever heard of a book advocating adultery? Far beyond our mental blocks!

Kamasutra has something for everyone. No matter what your relationship status is, the book teaches you the best in the game. If you got dumped by your partner, it will help you get back your ex-lover and contains an effective plan to retain him/her. From flirting to courtship to anything your body desires, Kamasutra adds that extra oomph to your (sex) life. With Kamasutra at your disposal, time to bid goodbye to the miniscule bit of info from your friends, which often fails to excite. It teaches you not just love making, but also has lessons in love. But even if you do not believe in love and want a mere hookup, Kamasutra is the go-to book for you as well.

Got questions? Kamasutra has got better and greater answers. Early climax for her? Check. Delay climax for him? Check. Learn to flirt? Check. Master the art of foreplay? Check. Rule the bed? Double check! What else do we ask for!

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