Pornography ban in India and other Asia countries

Pornography has diverse legal arrangements in different countries across the globe. Some Southeast Asian countries completely ban pornography. Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia have ban pornography completely. In Pakistan, the government has imposed a complete ban on pornography since 2011. Moreover, all Middle Eastern countries ban all kinds of pornography. In China, internet pornography was banned in 2002 when government censors issued rules and procedures demanding that all sites must remove any sort of pornographic material.

In Thailand, the government has outlawed a famous adult website i.e. Pornhub, and 190 other adult streaming sites showing pornography and promoting real-world disputes against state censorship.

Pornography ban in India

There are some countries in Asia like India where pornography is not banned completely. India has a completely different legal recourse. In India, it is entirely legal to possess pornography but its distribution is illegal. In India, section 67 of the Information technology in the cyber world deals with the “publishing indecent information in electronic form”.

To date, the Indian government has banned more than 3500 porn websites throughout the country. Still, it ranks in the 3rd position after America and the United Kingdom regarding the consumption of pornographic content. From this fact, it can be clearly seen that banning all these sites had not much positive impact on reducing porn consumption.

The porn ban in India could not have helped things. According to Pornhub, even with the prohibition in place, the average time of India spent on the site in 2018 has increased, although just by 2 seconds. According to 2020 data, an average Indian stays on the website for 8 minutes and 23 seconds per session.

Though many Indian telecom operators have jammed several porn websites, their content can be still accessed and viewed on mirror domains. During the lockdown due to Covid-19, Indians seem to be the leading country in the world in terms of porn consumption with a 95% increase in traffic to porn websites.

A security consultant and cybercrime investigator in India, Ritesh Bhatia once calls out the pornography ban as ineffective and useless while talking about something even threatening. He says “Banning of pornography and adult websites have stimulated the performers in this area to create new URLs with easier access. Thus, if a child writes any keyword to access porn material, the user will get access to a regional adult site which fascinates the user more as they are in their local languages”. He also said that the banning will not make sense and ban pornography could not do anything because of three things regarding the Internet in India i.e. privacy, anonymity, and trust.

India online pornography facts

  • Indians see 7.32 pages on an average, on each of their visit in contrast to the world average of 7.5 pages per visit.
  • People in India who view porn sites online spend an average of 8 min and 22 seconds on each visit in contrast to the 8 min and 56 seconds of the world average
  • In India, a quarter of users on Pornhub are females, a bit more than the world average of 23 percent.
  • The most famous search terms in India are Indian, Indian bhabhi, Indian wife, Lisa Ann.
  • The most famous porn star in India is Sunny Leone
  • Around their festival of light, the online Pornhub streaming decrease by 36% but rises by 99% near Eid al-Fitr.

Pornography ban in Bangladesh

The government of Bangladesh took an initiative to restrict adult sites over three years ago, intending to eradicate social degradation throughout the country that is a Muslim majority conservative country in South Asia. The Bangladesh administration has blocked over 22,000 pornography websites in Bangladesh since January 2017 to generate a secure and safe internet space for all users and to avoid sexual violence. They blocked these adult sites as part of an anti-pornography war.

Now, after the three years of the pornography ban, there seems to be a little effect because the sexual crimes have perhaps increased in Bangladesh. In this conservative Muslim majority country, the internet providers took down gambling and pornography sites under the commands of the telecommunications regulator.

The posts and telecommunications minister, Mustafa Jabbar told the AFP news agency that “I am thinking of creating a secure and safe internet for all people living in Bangladesh including children. He continues “I started a war to eradicate pornography and it will be a never-ending war.” He said “famous social media applications like Bigo and TikTok which specialists think are misused have also been restricted in the South Asian countries.

In addition to many foreign adult websites, the Bangladesh government has also blocked a few social media platforms and local sites under the crackdown.  The crackdown was initiated when the High Court in Bangladesh asked the government to ban porn websites and the publication of offensive content in electronic form.

Talking to Dhaka Tribune, senior criminologists and sociologists said that pornography may aggravate indecency, however; it may not be the only reason for the moral decadence in our society. They said “Sex will remain a social illicit in our society. We are struggling to change our extreme masculine attitude and appropriate sex education could support changing the outlook of people efficiently and effectively.

A country of more than 165 million people has over 90 million internet consumers. Porn stars frequently top the list of the most visited names. A general secretary of the internet service providers association, Emdadul Hoque said that they have obeyed the order, but lots of consumers can still gain access to online pornography material with the help of mirror websites or virtual private networks. He told AFP “Controlling pornography access is an incessant process and requires consistent monitoring. These sites are well mindful of the rules and every week they arise with thousands of mirror websites”.

The whole problem of pornography and child pornography raises very complex legal issues, which are required to be cautiously handled and dealt with.

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